Owl Island

In this luminous new novel, the Pacific Northwest enclave of Owl Island and it's unforgettable inhabitants are brought to life by Randy Sue Coburn with tremendous heart, humor, and wisdom. Among the aromatic cedars, lush firs, and moody waters of Puget Sound, Phoebe Allen has lived a quit, self-sufficient life for twenty years, raising her daughter, Laurienne, and running her own fishing net business. But her history catches up with her when a famous film director becomes a neighbor on Spit in the Wind Road. His arrival forces open the lid that she's kept clamped on her secrets and scars, plunging her ordered existence into chaos. As the past rushes toward the present like an inevitable tide, Phoebe must also confront the early loss of her mother, whose own mysteries are beginning to surface

Now a well-known film director, Whit Traynor was charismatic enough to "charm the ice off a dog dish" when Phoebe first fell in love with him as a voice on the radio. He has not lost his touch—or his propensity to stir things up without even trying. Phoebe, Laurienne, and everyone else living on Owl Island are affected by his arrival. And Phoebe's newfound intimacy with Ivan, a longtime friend and neighbor, only further complicates matters.

With memorable characters as diverse as the novel's settings—from fishing village to Seattle's high-tech world to Hollywood—"Owl Island" is a beautifully wrought tale about mothers and daughters, power and control, and the liberating lessons of opening one's heart.

“Beautifully realized ...a perceptive assessment of what women do in love.” -- Kirkus Review

“'Owl Island' is gentle and elegaic, set in a landscape remote and dramatic. Randy Sue Coburn writes of old heartbreak and new passion, bygone hopes and jump-started dreams. She illuminates her characters' longing for truth and meaning, and makes the reader believe in love in a whole new way. This is a wonderful novel.” -- Luanne Rice

“Coburn's depictions of the Pacific Northwest—with its windswept beaches and cedar-scented air—are evocative and rich.” -- Booklist

“Phoebe's journey to self-fulfillment is a moving one readers will understand, and the Pacific Northwest setting is atmospheric and believably drawn.” -- Library Journal

2005, Ballantine
ISBN 0-345-48763-X

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