Randy Sue Coburn

June, 2009-Advance Praise for "Paradise"

"As the heroine of A BETTER VIEW OF PARADISE sheds her city trappings and retreats to the island landscape of her childhood, you will feel as though she has tucked you into her suitcase. Randy Sue Coburn writes with a rare combination of crisp intelligence and lush sensuality; her artful storytelling brings together a cast of characters who are as emotionally complex as they are damaged. Reading A BETTER VIEW OF PARADISE, your dreams will be infused—as mine were—with the spicy-sweet scents of island cooking, the mischievous interventions of Hawaiian goddesses, and tropical flowers in bloom."
Stephanie Kallos, author of BROKEN FOR YOU and SING THEM HOME

"A BETTER VIEW OF PARADISE is richly written, thoughtful and compelling. Imbued with the burden of past tragedy and pain, lightened with the undaunted hope of its characters, Coburn's moving tale reminds us that sometimes we need to jump in and give ourselves over to love completely, even when the past has taught us that love can be a terrifying thing."
Garth Stein, New York Times bestselling author of THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN

July, 2009-"A Better View of Paradise" Released

On July 14, 2009, Randomhouse Publishing Group will release Randy Sue Coburn's exquisitely written third novel, A BETTER VIEW OF PARADISE, in hardcover ($25). Dramatic and moving, A BETTER VIEW OF PARADISE explores the tender bond between fathers and daughters, ponders the delicate nature of healing, and celebrates the redemptive power of forgiveness and love.

Thirty-six-year-old Stevie Pollack has earned fame and praise for her landscape architecture projects, though critics complain she's too formal, too rigid. When her lover abruptly drops her, and her Chicago lakefront development project is panned, Stevie seeks solace in her roots, among the calming waters, the vibrant flowers, and the comforting traditions of Hawaiʻi. Still, in the back of her mind, Hawaiʻi holds troubling childhood memories of an emotionally distant father, Hank, and a reserved British mother.

The trip home promises Stevie a welcome departure from mainland trials, despite her irascible father's presence. But the shocking news that Hank is dying forces the pair's reunion into high gear. As father and daughter look to rekindle their bond, Stevie discovers sides of Hank she never knew, including family secrets that shaped their lives. And what started as a holiday escape for the beleaguered artist becomes a chance for transformation. Along the way in this shared journey of contention and transcendence, Stevie's heart opens not only to her father, but to a man who challenges all her constricted notions of love and life's possibilities.

April, 2007 - Owl Island Paperback Release

Randy Sue Coburn
On May 1, 2007, Ballantine Books will publish Randy Sue Coburn’s dazzlingly written novel, OWL ISLAND, in paperback ($7.99). With tremendous heart, humor and wisdom, Coburn brings to life the Pacific Northwest enclave of Owl Island and its many unforgettable inhabitants.

Widow Phoebe Allen has led an emotionally contained, independent life, raising her daughter to adulthood and running a small fishing net business. But Phoebe must pry open the lid she’s kept clamped on her secrets and scars when a celebrated film director becomes a neighbor. Whitney Traynor was charismatic enough to “charm the ice off a dog dish” years ago, when Phoebe first fell in love with him, and he has not lost his touch—or his talent for stirring things up. His arrival forces Phoebe to confront not only complications with her current lover, daughter, and neighbors, but the early loss of her own mother, whose mysteries are at last emerging.

A superb, beautifully rendered story, OWL ISLAND casts a net sure to capture the hearts of literary readers as well as women’s fiction fans.

September 10, 2006 - "Owl Island" is a Bestseller on the Book Sense/Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association list for the second time since August.

July 11, 2006 - "Owl Island" is #1 Best-Seller at Seattle's M. Coy Books

Randy Sue Coburn
July 21-Randy Sue Coburn's novel, "Owl Island," topped the list of best-selling hardcover books listed today by The Seattle Times for M. Coy Books. According to proprietor Michael Coy, sales are humming due to a glowing review that ran in The Times several weeks ago and positive word of mouth. The author suspects that the store's eye-catching window display for "Owl Island"—replete with miniature evergreens left over from either Christmas or "Snow Falling on Cedars"—is another big plus.

June 23, 2006 - Owl Island Reviewed by Seattle Times

"Owl Island" delivers the dual joys of a writer who wields a confident broad brush and has a sharp eye for tiny, perfect detail—an unusual skill set that's deepened appreciably since Randy Sue Coburn's forthright first novel, "Remembering Jody," came out seven years ago...
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June, 2006 - Randy Sue's Second novel, Owl Island, released

Randy Sue Coburn

With tremendous heart, humor and wisdom, Randy Sue Coburn brings to life the Pacific Northwest enclave of a remote island in Washington's Puget Sound, and its many unforgettable inhabitants in her latest novel, OWL ISLAND (Ballantine Books; June 2006; 0-345-48763-X; Hardcover; $23.95). Coburn's dazzlingly written novel is set among the towering firs and windswept beaches of the Pacific Northwest. This is a superb, beautifully rendered story from an accomplished screenwriter and novelist.
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